We produce ebooks in epub3 and kindle format. Making sure the ebooks work on older devices and apps along with the current and newer platforms as well, so your ebook looks good on a variety of platforms. We work with a variety of digital content formats, delivery systems and content platforms.



Ugly Dog Digital can also design and layout your print books. From children’s illustrated titles, to technical books, novels, biographies, coffee table books and more. Whatever the format your content needs, we can produce it.


Whether your design needs are a website, comics,
inforgraphics, bookmarks and more, Ugly Dog Digital can handle it.


What our clients say…

Erik did a great job editing my last two e-books. Neither of them were easy projects. The first included over 20 photographs and a number of charts, and the second included over 35 photographs and 33 maps. He is very easy to work with and helpful in answering all questions I had. I recommend him highly.

William A. Gordon,
author of “Four Dead in Ohio” and “The Ultimate Hollywood Tour Book.”

I’ve worked with Erik Christopher on numerous web projects (eBooks, websites, etc.) and found him to be patient and productive, always cooperating to produce professional results.

Jimmy Olsen,
author of Scuba

Erik took the InDesign files from the printing of my first novel and with the help of my designer, added his own brand of magic to make “Ivey and the Airship” come alive on a digital reader. I was thrilled with the amount of work he did for the cost of the service, and he delivered the proper formats to every available vendor right on schedule. When given the option to hire Erik to manage the uploads and revenues on my behalf, there was no doubt that I wanted to keep Ugly Dog Digital as a vital part my team. In 2016, he digitized the second edition of “Ivey and the Airship” which is even more eye-popping than the first. I can’t wait to put him to work on the second book in my series!

Cheryl Ammeter,
author of Ivey and the Airship