Is the data or ingredients about your eBook's data. It's what makes up your eBook; Author, Title, Publisher, Date, Keywords, Subjects, Description, ISBN (identifier), Illustrator, the list goes on. It's the data that helps users find your eBooks, tells retail channels where it fits in and show up in search results. The metadata is listed in the eBook itself, hidden from site when the eBook is read and it is also entered via the distribution channels when uploaded. Ugly Dog Digital can assist you with setting up your metadata and working with current best practices.

Getting Social...

Part of discovery of content comes from where your content is for sale, the distribution channels. Another part though, is about how you tell people about your content for them to discover it. For many this means getting social; tweeting about it, facebook posts, blog entries, reviews, websites and other social outlets. We can help lay out a plan that fits your content and level of experience and abilities.


To bring things full circle when you have your website setup, your connecting with readers, building your brand, your name, your following, you'll also want to consider selling your content on your website. As great as it to sell with the retail channels, you will also want to leverage your direct contact and sell directly. Ugly Dog Digital can help you setup your site for readers to purchase your content. We can help develop your site to accomodate the best eCommerce solution for you.

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