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With any product, whether physical or not, we still need retailers and distribution points for those items to be bought. In the eBook world we have a variety of places you can buy eBooks. Now some of these eRetailers are not only where you buy the eBook but sometimes they also have their own software/platform for reading eBooks. This is something to keep in mind whether you are an author or a publisher.

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Many publications are more appropriate for submission to platforms tailored to a specific audience or industry. Academic titles are best served within dedicated research portals, but may also find an audience in mainstream settings. Graphic novels have special display requirements not supported by all eReaders. In every case, we carefully consider the nature of your work prior to suggesting a tailored distribution list.

Distribution Choices...

Ugly Dog Digital provides different options for distribution. Everything from assisting you with setup of the channels that you can manage, to taking on the role of managing your distribution channels for your eContent. Whether it be eBooks, Apps, digital magazines or other content, we can help you get your content out into the digital ether. [/dropcap] Some of the distribution channels we are partnered with for digital content:

Apple | Amazon | nook | nook kids | blio | Google play | Graphicly | Kobo | Inkling

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