A Flexible Workflow...

This means having the versatility with your content to take it down the path(s) that best suit it. Flexible, proactive, transitionary flows that take the content into new revenue channels, formats and marketing opportunities. If you are a print publisher, university press, author, content holder of any kind you need to be thinking about where your content fits in and if changing direction makes sense. We can help you asses your content, your current flows and the options that make sense for you.

Tools & Strategies...

Some of these include thinking about how the content is repurposed, the strategy you need to take and what does that mean to your organization? Tools such as content management systems (CMS) play a key role in helping setup the right repurposing of content so it flows to the various channels needed. Much of this work is done on the backend, as files are setup, marked up and structured to be universally accessible & adaptable for multiple platforms.Hello, World!

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