There is no ‘silver bullet’...

The idea of ‘build once, use often’ is our ultimate production goal. However, slight variations in platform requirements can create headaches. Many platforms have capabilities that provide an opportunity to enhance your presentation. We will clearly explain the effect platforms will have on your work, and possibilities they present. Once you’ve made an informed decision, we make sure your content is ready and able to meet your vision. We are always adapting and expanding capabilities as both the formats and platforms allow.

Source Files...

Ugly Dog Digital can accept a variety of source formats for producing digital content. Whether it be InDesign, Quark, html files, Word, plain text we can work with it. If you're not sure your source files can be used, feel free to contact us. Along with the source files, any animations, images, fonts, video, audio or other elements that are part of your project will need to be included. We can provide you with format guidelines and suggested settings for optimal performance

Print Editions – Flexible POD Models...

We understand the “old school”. Print editions will continue to be an important format for a very long time. For lovers of the tangible, we offer a more traditional edition when ever you, or your customers want it. Our system relies on a well established print-on-demand production process that produces your books at the time of order and rushes a copy to your reader. There’s no need to keep an inventory, deal with shipping, or make a large up-front financial commitment.

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