1. Reflowable
  2. Considered Open Standard
  3. Greater support on eReaders, tablets, computers
  4. Adjusts to screen size
  5. Novels, nonfiction titles, illustrated titles, comics, read aloud/narrated eBooks, enhanced eBooks, textbooks, 
  6. Audio, video, animation


  1. Reflowable
  2. Amazon/Kindle format - only works with their devices or apps
  3. Adjusts to screen size
  4. Works with novels, illustrated titles, nonfiction titles, comics
  5. Audio and video only works on iOS (Kindle app for Apple) and kindle fires


  1. What many considered earlier digital format of books
  2. Perfect replicate of print version
  3. Not sold by any of the major eRetailers
  4. not flexible, doesn't adjust or reflow to screen sizes
  5. Better suited for archival purposes of a book
  6. Used heavily in Academic libraries and Public libraries for eBook options


** A physical version of your book. Contact us to discuss the options available for your type of content and to provide further information **